20 December 2011

Mini Pudding bites in 5 easy steps!

These are another festive favourite of mine, and so easy!

Mini Chocolate puddings
100g dark chocolate
400g fruit cake 
1/3 Cup Orange juice (mixed with your favourite tipple if you want)

50g or so white chocolate, for coating
Red and green decorations 

Dark fruit cake is probably more festive but it is very rich, especially in our climate! So this year I used a light fruit cake and it seems good so far.

1.   Melt the dark chocolate and crumble the cake into it. Pour the juice over and mix well.

2.   Chill until firm.

3.   Roll into small balls. These are probably about an inch in diameter.

4.   Melt the white chocolate, and either dip the top of each ball in, or pipe in a "custard" pattern,  for stereotypical Christmas puds.

5.   Top with something festive! These are red and green jelly beans cut in half, or you could use sprinkles, or glace cherries and mint leaves. What ever works!

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