01 December 2011

Festive Lamp Tutorial

December 1st... first day of summer :)

I started decorating the house last night. I'm excited!
And I wanted to share with you what I did to festive up an old lamp shade.

Simple lamp Hack

We bought this lamp from IKEA years ago, but it doesn't really have a permanent home in our new house. Its unexciting, but served its purpose. 
As its going to be pushing 40oC this weekend, I thought that using snow crystals in our decorating might keep us in a cool state of mind, if not body!

First step is to cut out some snowflakes!
Be creative or use a template.
I printed this one out in a couple of sizes, so the flakes looked consistent.
Print it as pale as your printer will allow, as you can see the black lines through mine!

Once you have a few (I used two big and 4 small), stick them to the inside of the lamp shade.
I watered down some craft glue, as I'm not too fussed about being able to remove them again.
You could use the reposition-able spray glue if this is an issue.

Leave to dry and turn on!
The snowflakes are revealed. 

Today is a balmy 33oC and lovely (though there appears to be a few more clouds in the sky). Glorious day for a swim, and I knocked out 2km! Think thats the first time since I was in swim squad as a kid! Looks like my broken arm is recovering nicely!

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