25 May 2010

Spun Out 2010 - Friday and Saturday

"SpunOut is back for the 6th year in a row and promises to be even better than the last!

SpunOut is the Perth Fire Group's annual fire and circus skills workshop weekend. The event is open to anyone wanting to have a go at fire and circus arts and caters to all levels of skill, from beginners to professional performers.
Workshops will be held in all levels of poi, staff and twin staff as well as fire eating, hula-hooping, stilt-walking, uni-cycling, ball and club juggling, contact juggling and much, much more."

And what a weekend it was! 

Friday night was getting used to fire, so tracing and fire eating.
Say goodbye to those arm hairs!
I was never quite brave enough to actually eat the fire, especially because my lovely mentor and expereiced all round circus person Colin (the guy on the unicycle around the foreshore, for any of you Perthites) only put small amounts of fuel on my sticks, so by the time I'd got my confidence up they were about out! But at least I tried :)

Saturday dawned misty, so I went for a walk down to the lake:

Then the days festivities kicked in:

Unicycling- I fell off, but it was fun, and I did pretty OK.
Hooping was great fun. We learnt to keep it spinning around our waist, then get it to come up over the head, then back down again. Then down to the knee, but then I just looked like an idiot maniacally trying to keep it going!
Dave taught the intermediate/advanced 3 ball juggling :)
Stilts! Coming off the learner stilts but loving the real ones.

Saturday night was the fire show...

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  1. I just came across this.

    So,, just in case you are interested in trying some fire eating - it really is safe and easy - there is always Hyde Park every Tuesday evening. Someone will always get you started.

    btw there is also the Nanga Bush Camp spring campout next weekend - Fri evening Nov 2 to Sunday Nov 4. See http://www.play-learn-burn.com/springcampout.html



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