21 May 2010

Dino Pyjamas :D

So, when I went to the shops to buy the brides Ruffle Skirt material they had this oh-so-cute flannelette material on special:
I'm a geologist, they're dinosaurs. It was always going to happen.
So I bought a couple of meters and decided to make some new PJ pants, since its getting cold in Perth now.
I followed these instructions.
Hopw cute! and so warm:
Apologies for the bad photos! 
They're elasticated, but with a cute little bow on the front, just because.
I'm going to appliqué some panels of the dinos to a cheep T-shirt too, so I have a matching dinosaur PJ set. Cute pyjamas are no longer the realm of little kids :D

I'll do my catch up posts soon!

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