20 May 2010

Burlesque Ruffle Skirt Project

I'm so far behind with my diary-ing/blogging!
But I just had to share this :)
Its a ruffle skirt I've been making for the hen night I'm going to/organising back home.
We're doing saturday night out on the town, burlesque themed.
So I'm thinking this, with the heels and some fishnets, and an as yet unknown top, long black gloves and feather boa...

It ruffles amazingly. I keep putting it on and doing belly dance moves to make its ruffle and shake.

Now to make a second for the Bride, in white and baby blue. 
This time I'm going to be a bit more careful with the ruffling and make sure it sits symmetrical. 
I've not seen the bride in person for a couple of years, so its going to be a bit of guess work and a last minute fitting to get it to fit!

If you want to make your own, I got the inspiration and a tutorial from my new favourite site!

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