31 October 2012

I might have accidentally bought some fabric already...

I was in town trying to get things sorted for my immanent departure from the mountains (tomorrow- whoop!) and it happened to be market day.
Which was a pain, because the town isn't very big, so all the centre was closed off to fit the stalls, including the main carparks, which meant I had to drive around for ages trying to find somewhere to park in the side streets and compete with all the shoppers from the surrounding villages for the few available spaces since space is at a premium in the valley.

I might have been slightly distracted from my tasks. After all, who can resist a foreign market?! There were lots of clothes, fruit and veg, cheese and meat, some handcrafted wooden items (timber and woodwork is the traditional industry of the valley, along with wool and cheese).

But then I spotted the fabric :)

It was a remnants stall, and mostly had sheer curtains and bed sheets. But they had some nice clothing fabric mixed in. All of it felt synthetic, but the small remnants (1-2m) were only 1 euro. The large ones were 5 euros. But they looked huge.

In amungst I spotted this fabulous stripy fabric. I love the mix of olive greens, sea blues then the shocking orange. Its just the colours that I love to wear as well. Its something synthetic-ish, but quite light.

I instantly saw a top. Maybe not my usual sorbetto style one... I think this fabric needs a bit more of a fitted look. Maybe it can be the first make of the New Look 6829 I won in Fars giveaway! I'm hoping there is enough fabric for view D. The piece is about 150 x 120 cm. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Ooh, I just love the colours in this fabric, what a find!
    I totally get that about accidentally buying fabric... It's like you get home, and go, oh how did that happen? Right there with you!


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