26 November 2010

On Open Letter for MOvember

So, you’ve seen me around, you’ve laughed, I’ve itched...

Or maybe you haven’t, you’ll just have to trust me :)

You’ve hopefully asked me what on Earth I’m doing with that thing on my face?!

I’ve hopefully told you that mens health issues don’t just affect men, and hence I’m standing by the men in my life in order to raise some awareness (and hopefully some money) for MOvember.*

If you do nothing else, please visit


And learn a little about some of the issues that you (or the men in your life) may face, and how to keep on top of your form.

If you have an extra few minutes (and that’s really all it takes) then please donate something (everything helps) to a very worthy cause:

These things don’t just affect men, they affect everyone they know and everyone they care about. The Woodie Woodie team (Woodie Wooded Wizards) are aiming to raise at least $2000, and but if we can beat the West Perth team that would good too!
Remember, you can donate from anywhere in the world!
Thanks for reading this far!

The Mo will remain around ‘til the end of MOvember, so feel free to keep laughing at me!
(as long as you promise to consider the serious side too!)


*The more detailed answer to “what on Earth I’m doing with that thing on my face?!” is that my friends father passed away from complications to prostate cancer, because he didn’t get checked until too late. As a result, we’re prowling the minesites of WA with the aim of stopping others going through what her family went through. So for the last week, and until the end of the month-formally-known-as-November I am sporting different yet equally attractive (and itchy) Mos, in styles such as “The Scoundrel” (top), “The Bandit” (bottom) and todays special, “The Casanova”.

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