09 November 2010


My fiancĂ©s father is having some trouble at the moment;  He's been signed off work since mid October, had a transient ischemic attack (a mini stroke) that put him in hospital last week, and he had an appointment with the surgeon yesterday, with the surgery happening on thursday. I don't really know many details about it. unclogging his arteries I think...

He's in England, we're here, and to make it even worse we both work away, so I'm in one place and he's 800km away from me. My fiancé is mostly pretending to be tough, but he's also very worried, upset and not sleeping.

I don't know what to say to him, apart from "I love you and will always be here for you", and I feel guilty because I was the one who originally 'dragged' us both over here, though he was more than willing after a little persuasion. I keep feeling upset (tears in eyes etc) when I think about it because its my worst nightmare pretty much realised. But I need to stay strong too!

We're planning a trip home at Christmas now, but at the moment that seems such a long way away.

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