13 February 2014

The start of a modelling career!

BubbaBoo is 4 weeks old! 
And we're starting to phase in some clothes beyond onsies.
Being a monster baby he's pretty much into the 3-6 month sizes already!
Here are some of the outfits we've been rocking:

I'm especially loving the Big Butt Baby Pants and the PurlSoho Baby Pants. I foresee more of those in our sewing future! I also foresee a Plantain T shirt to hide the fact that BubbaBoo killed my tummy muscles. 
If I can ever force myself to switch newborn cuddles for naptime sewing...


  1. Congratulations on you new family member! I've been busy with my two starting kindy but thought I'd pop over on here (you have a really memorable blog title) and see whats been happening :) Enjoy this new chapter of your life (P.S the shirts a super cute!)

    1. Thanks Kate! I've been keeping up with your escapades but commenting is falling into the too hard basket ;)

  2. Congratulations!!! Lovely pictures - I hope you're enjoying all the good bits of life as a new family, and not feeling too knackered from sleep deprivation. Mention of new born cuddles makes me slightly jealous - they grow out of the utterly adorable scrunched up sleeping on you stage too quickly if you ask me. Enjoy xx


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