13 February 2012

Stoner Caterpillar Dress

We were invited to an Alice in Wonderland birthday party. 

Go through the rabbit hole....

I loved the idea of something more imaginative, so raided my cupboard.

The bodice is based on the burda cap sleeve bodice, but I pieced together the bodice so I could have the underbody of the caterpillar.

For the skirt, I knew I needed a train, but I wanted something more than a circle skirt. I ended up cutting a slit the same length as the bodice width ina long rectangle of fabric (about 1.5m). I sewed it onto the bodice so the front and back had tight radiating gathers, and the rest was a smooth join. I'll try and add pictures, because that doesn't make such sense to me either!

I attached the rest of the scarf to the skirt so it matched the pieced bodice.

Once the main dress form was finished, I tried it on and tacked the netting in gathers under the back of the skirt and train, until it looked like I wanted.

I cut 4 sets of feet out of felt and tacked them on, donned the wig, and was transformed into a beautiful... caterpillar.
Fully caterpillared!

My inspiration. I had a cigarette holder as my hookah pipe, but forgot it :(
Id even covered it in glitter specially.

Me and the husband.
I was very proud. He made his outfit (mostly) all by himself.

There was a bouncy castle :)

Finally, an excuse to wear the shoes from Dubai.

Some other party goers.

I used the rest of the fabric to make a sorbetto

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